Helpful Santa

Biaz Weertz has been working up the courage to see Santa Claus for six years. He would get nervous about the situation. He has Autism. The mall Santa was helpful this year. Source: Mall Santa Claus calms boy with autism who'd been too nervous to meet him for 6 years

Nurse Patient Home

Lori Wood is a hero. She took in a man diagnosed with Autism needing a new heart. His name is Jonathan Pinkard. He was homeless after his grandmother died. Source:  Nurse takes in man with autism so he can get a new heart

Helpful Teacher

A teacher went out of the way to make Halloween easier for a nonverbal student named Jullian. She made a sign for him. Trick or Treat. Thanks for the sweets. Source:  Teacher makes Halloween sign for nonverbal student

Being Oneself

Evan is a special boy. He was born with Microcephaly and has global delays. It has not stopped him from being himself. He goes on weekly Disneyland trips with his family. He likes wearing dresses to the park and is accepted for who he is by the staff. Source:  4-year-old boy with autism who likes to wear dresses befriends Disneyland characters

Halloween Costume

A two year old has a creative costume highlighting his disability. His name is Brantley. He has Cerebral Palsy and uses a walker to move around. Hs costume is based on Carl from the movie Up/ Source:  2-year-old with cerebral palsy has clever Halloween costume that celebrates his disability

Inspiring Proposal

David Cowan wanted a special homecoming proposal to his girlfriend Saris Marie Garcia. He did it at a football game. She said yes. The proposal went viral. Source:  Teen with Down syndrome goes viral for his homecoming "proposal" — but the love story doesn't end there

Inspiring Friendship

When Trinity Arrington found out that she won homecoming queen, she thought of her friend Emily Petty who has Down's Syndrome. She thought her friend deserved it more. The two walked hand and hand down the field. The two became friends a year ago when Arrington began eating lunch in the Special Education classroom. Source:  Homecoming queen gives crown to friend with Down syndrome